Photo by Katherine Thurley White

Raised on the island of Montreal, Sharon Kelly grew up surrounded by Canadian art in her family home. An environment that both inspired and nurtured her artistic soul.

She studied Art History at Queens University, focussing on both Canadian Art as well as The Renaissance periods.

A self taught artist, now maintaining a studio at The Stables, in Ottawa, Kelly has been featured in several group and solo exhibitions since 1999. She is currently represented by Wall Space Gallery as well as The Ottawa Art Gallery, Rental & Sales Gallery.


I create abstract shore line paintings using acrylics, mediums, charcoal, graphite, oil sticks and most recently excerpts from the French poet, Gerard de Nerval. (1808-1855), specifically a poem titled L’enfance. A depiction of the poet’s carefree childhood.

So much of my work is about process. The pieces evolve over time at a slow rate, going from vibrant palettes to softer, less invasive statements. I repeat this practise several times using tools other than traditional brushes until I am pleased with the layers that create a haze of accumulated history.






Recent scientific studies have taught us that water attracts and influences humans in ways both obvious and subtle.  The Blue Mind Theory (coined by American Marine Biologist; Wallace J Nichols) explains how being near, in, on or even under water can make you feel happier and healthier.  I find myself constantly returning to the ocean as a tremendous source of peace and inspiration.  I am forever mesmerized and transfixed by the way water moves, reflects, glimmers and glows.  My work is ephemeral and serene



Solo Exhibitions

2018 Linger, Wall Space Gallery, Ottawa MAY 11-31st 

2017 Esprits Bleu, Luz Gallery, Montreal, Quebec                                                                                        

2016 Blue Minds, Wall Space Gallery, Ottawa, Ontario 

2015 Family Traditions II, International Women's Day, Wall Space Gallery, Ottawa

2014 Family Traditions, Wall Space Gallery, Ottawa, Ontario

2008 Sh*t!  I Didn't Plant Any, Dale Smith Gallery, Ottawa, Ontario

2006 The Lure of Fancy, Dale Smith Gallery, Ottawa, Ontario

2004 Without Boundaries, Dale Smith Gallery, Ottawa, Ontario


Selected Group Shows

2018 Chairs, juried show, Gallery 200, Ottawa, Ontario

2017 Contemporary Canadian Artists, Luz Gallery, Montreal                                                                    

2017 The Bag, Circle Gallery, Annapolis, Maryland

2017 Postcards from Canada,The Fort Gallery, Fort Langley, British Columbia 

2016 Square Foot, Big Ideas, Paula White Diamond Gallery, Waterloo, Ontario

2016 Art & Parcel, Ottawa Art Gallery, Ottawa, Ontario

2016 TWAC Annual at the Canadian National Exhibition, Toronto, Ontario

2016 Contemporary Abstraction, Ottawa Art Gallery Annex, Ottawa, Ontario

2016 Stormy Weather, Maryland Federation of Art, Annapolis, Maryland

2016 Juried show, Le pARTy, Ottawa Art Gallery, Ottawa, Ontario

2015 Juried show, Le pARTY, Ottawa Art Gallery, Ottawa, Ontario

2014 Small Packages, The Ottawa Art Gallery, Ottawa, Ontario

2014 X4, 30 Year Celebration, Ottawa School of Art, Ottawa, Ontario

2014 Juried show, Le pARTy, The Ottawa Art Gallery, Ottawa, Ontario

2010 Small Packages, Dale Smith Gallery, Ottawa, Ontario

2008 Harbinger, Dale Smith Gallery, Ottawa, Ontatio

2007 New Year, New Work, Dale Smith Gallery, Ottawa, Ontario  

2004 New Year, New Work, Dale Smith Gallery, Ottawa, Ontario

2004 Premiere, Dale Smith Gallery, Ottawa, Ontario

2003 Departures, SDS Curating, UpRoar, Ottawa, Ontario